Cities Are Becoming Big And Overcrowded | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Cities are getting big and overcrowded. Give some causes and suggest the solutions needed

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Urban population has been constantly growing over the last few decades and this has led to crowding in some cities. This essay will investigate the reasons for overcrowding in cities and the ways of improving life quality in modern cities.

First of all, the number of humans on the planet has been increasing. As a result, record number of people live on all continents, and the population will continue to grow. For this reason, crowding is unavoidable in cities.

Secondly, people prefer to live in places where they can find a decent job. Often big cities are hearts of business life and create opportunities for a career. For example, in Ukraine most IT companies have their offices in the capital of the country. If young people want to work in this field, they are more likely to move to the metropolises. As a result, urbanization causes environmental problems such as air or noise pollution. One of the ways to minimize the harm is decentralization. It means the government has to support business in rural areas and create opportunities in different parts of the country. In my opinion, many people would rather stay in their hometown if they are able to develop a career there.

On the other hand, we cannot totally stop urbanization, so it is also important to focus on how a large number of people can coexist in a limited space. Well-planned infrastructure is crucial for the wellbeing in cities, especially in megacities.

To conclude, cities are becoming larger and crowded because of the influx of people looking for better job opportunities and urban lifestyle. The most viable solution for this problem is to create more jobs in rural areas.

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