Children Should Take Part Time Job In Their Free Time Or They Should Totally Focus On Their Studies | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Children should take part time job in their free time or they should totally focus on their studies. What are the advantages and disadvantages to children of doing so?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

The practice of working after college hours is progressively increasing among a few teenagers. It is generally believed that these young people are even supported by their parents. Although working in spare time may help them in gaining confidence and in building a career, later in their life, this trend, certainly, has some obvious drawbacks. This essay will discuss both pros and cons of this modern development.

 A job – be it part-time or a full-time – offers lots of benefits to an individual. Firstly, it develops confidence in a person, which in turn helps to enhance different skills such as communication skill, problem solving, discipline and planning. By acquiring these skills at an early stage of life, a juvenile can become a responsible adult.

Furthermore, a part-time job is a great opportunity to enhance career prospects. For instance, if a youngster is already experienced professionally, he will be able to achieve a well deserving job with ease. Thus, a spare time job can actually provide a person with numerous rewards, subsequently.

However, students who choose to take a job after college hours are at many distinct disadvantages. First and foremost, these jobs can only be done in the evening; hence, a child will be unable to get proper rest, which is highly essential for his mental wellness. Secondly, he will not be able to spend quality time with his parents and friends which is important for social growth. In addition, working, instead of studying, in free time will adversely affect his educational performance. Finally, physical activity which plays a vital role in physical well-being of a person will be ignored. Hence, this decision to work can be more of a hindrance than a help.

In conclusion, engaging a teenager in a spare-time job may reward him with certain skills, making him extremely efficient; however, it can have detrimental impacts on their health, academic performance and social life. On balance, I believe parents should not exhort their children to work while studying as children deserve to enjoy their life to the fullest when they are still young. Therefore, before making a decision, both parents and children should think wisely.

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