Children Have More And More Tests And Exams At School | What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Making Children Do Exams

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Students have to appear for too many exams these days. Actually periodic written and oral assessments have become an integral aspect of even primary education. In my opinion, exams are both good and bad. The merits and demerits of conducting a large number of exams at school will be discussed in this essay.

The main advantage of conducting more examinations is that teachers can assess the subject knowledge and understanding of students in a more structured way. Exams, after all, are a time tested way of assessing a student’s intelligence and commitment to learning. What’s more, exams and grades act as a benchmark and facilitate the process of selection for higher studies. For example, students scoring above 85 percent in all modules in their final board exams alone can secure admission in top science colleges.

Another benefit of conducting multiple tests is that it helps children to cope with the pressures of the real life. It is no secret that students who appear for periodic assessments are better at handling stressful situations. This quality will stand them in good stead when they enter the real world outside school.

On the other hand, too many exams are more likely to increase the stress level of children and take a toll on their health. Comparison with fellow students and parental pressure to excel in each exam can further deteriorate children’s mental stability. For instance, some pupils are weak in certain subjects and they may consistently score low marks in those subjects. Their inability to improve their grades may hurt their confidence and cause further deterioration of their grades. In worst case scenarios exam pressure can trigger depression in academically poor students.

To sum it up, conducting too many exams can definitely help examiners to assess children’s potential. It can also help children to brace themselves for the competition ahead. However, at the same time, the constant pressure of repetitive evaluations can be detrimental for some students, especially those who are weak in academics. It is important that parents and teachers work with them closely and provide them counseling if they need it.

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