Children Have More And More Tests And Exams At School | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Children have more and more tests and exams at school, sometimes starting from the age of five or six right up until the age of 18. What are the advantages and disadvantages of making children do exams?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

In an academic year, schools conduct multiple exams for students starting from primary to university level. Although tests and exams can help students to learn their lessons and help them to understand their level of understanding, sometimes it can create mental burden and pressure on students

On the one hand, students appear for tests at school as part of curriculum, and it helps them in many ways to succeed in the long run. Firstly, when they have exam, they try to prepare for it and it helps them to learn the lesson. Preparing for the exam not only helps them get better grades but also improves their career prospects. Secondly, it creates competition among students which helps them to prepare for the future when they will enter the society as an adult. In a competitive world, one should be able to tackle the challenges, which can be possible if students already have exposure to such environment.

On the other hand, sometimes exams in the school can be stressful for students. If schools conduct too many exams, students can become stressed out and lose interest in studies. In some cases, test results can become the only measure to judge academic performance. For example, a student who is more interested in sports may not perform well in exams. This, however, does not mean that they are a failure. Lastly, it takes a significant amount of time is required to prepare for tests and students may need to limit time from their hobbies.

To conclude, tests and exams are a vital part of school academic program and it helps students to learn lessons and motivate them to become competitive, but it can create mental stress and can also be an inaccurate measure of academic performance.

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