Children Are Facing More Pressures Nowadays From Academic, Social And Commercial Perspectives | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

Children are facing more pressures nowadays from academic, social and commercial perspectives. What are the causes of these pressures and what measures should be taken to reduce these pressures?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

It is true that children are currently pressurised in every possible spectrum of their lives such as academic, social and commercial. The main cause of this is a lack of understanding among parents and schools. To help children overcome such pressures, parents should spend adequate time with their children and schools should make learning less stressful.

There are many reasons for the various pressures faced by children. Firstly, schools are overloading children with enormous amount of syllabus and frequent examinations. Due to this students tend to feel stressed about their academics and develop anxiety. Moreover, parents compare their children with others and their behaviour drastically affects children. Secondly, children also have to cope with peer pressure. This is because some students who indulge in wrongdoings such as smoking or consuming alcohol, often influence other children and this peer pressure eventually make them acquire bad habits. Finally, many children also face a lot of commercial pressures amongst their peers. The reason for this is that many schools do not have a protocol of following a standard uniform and this makes students compare their clothing with those of others and they tend to feel inferior about their dressing.

The possible solutions to solve the above mentioned issues are that the government should set a policy for schools to reduce the syllabus and minimise the number of examinations. This will enable students to be creative and become confident. Furthermore, parents should not compare their children with others as this behaviour demoralises them.

Parents should spend time with them and give moral lessons and this will make them avoid indulgence in wrongdoings. To reduce the commercial pressures on children, schools should impose a dress code system. In other words, if there is a standard uniform students will not compare their clothing with that of others and feel inferior. Also, they can focus more efficiently on their studies rather than these pressures.

In conclusion, if the above solutions are implemented with the help of parents and schools, then most of the students will gradually be out of pressures and stress.

Band 7 IELTS essay sample 2

Nowadays, children are facing higher levels of stress related to academic, social and commercial aspects of their life. In this essay, we shall discuss the reasons behind these concerns and the steps that can be taken so as to overcome these issues.

To begin with, the rise of stress levels among younger individuals is due to the higher expectations of their parents. Parents these days expect their children to perform well both in academics and sports. Most schools conduct various extra-curricular activities such as dancing, singing, arts and school goers are encouraged to participate in competitions which leave them with little free time. In addition, most youngsters feel pressurized to match / equal their friends in materialistic possessions such as gadgets or automobiles.

There are several ways that can be adopted to overcome these rising pressures among youngsters. Firstly, parents should never have unrealistic expectations for their children; nor should they expect them to be first in all fields. It would be wiser to encourage young ones to always follow their passion and motivate them to do their best. Secondly, parents and teachers should provide good moral teachings to children so that they do not get tempted to follow the latest trends. Thirdly, children should be given enough spare time to relax and take up their hobbies. Thus, these are the few steps that should be taken to reduce the rising stress levels among youngsters.

In conclusion, it is true that young ones are facing increased levels of pressure due to academic, social and commercial requirements. Parents and teachers should adopt various ways that reduce these burdens for children to grow in stress free environments.

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10 Responses

  1. Karthik says:

    In the Materialistic world large population is encountering the burden of making money. even the education system assess the students in terms of value. Therefore it leads to stress,in order to find a solution, children should deviate into the new way of learning and applying their education to refine themselves.

    Currently our education pattern majorly designed for the ultimate purpose to gain income. Due to this the chief aim of self-exploring of knowledge has been limited. That make the youngsters to fall into the difficult situation, as academic world push the school learners to get good grades and that will result in getting high paid jobs, following that parents putting the pressure on their head and judging their final mark sheet, sometimes it went in comparing others. Even the society doing the same moreover, commercial world too sets the same benchmark, which is, having more wealth and material are the successful individuals who exercised their grade titles in an optimised way. All the troubles occur only because of mark-based system and that contributing a crucial role in creation of mental burden.

    Secondly, how the education pursuers going to tackle this, actually the hindrance lies in the mindsets of the society, education providers and also with parents. Having the maturity of education is for self-refinement and boycotting the wealth-based evaluation are the two life changing thoughts, and a key to renaissance. Estimating a person in terms of numbers and money should be vanish in their heart. Moreover learning without compulsion and grades are the prime factors to make a healthy way of making young children delightful. Many developed nations, for instance., Singapore recently revokes the mark-based system to encourage learning and make their own school goers stress free and achieved increase in happiness rate, another country The Netherlands did the same with ‘no assessments’ until age twelve and evict the strain from the school children’s mind.

    To conclude, bringing revolutionary changes in education and adhere to that with complete change of mind are inconsequential in preserving juvenile’s mental health.

  2. Karthik says:

    Mam, Couldn’t comment here.

    • ielts practice says:

      Your comments are moderated. They will not become visible as soon as you post them. It takes a while.

  3. Nithin says:

    Children of modern era face enormous competition. Due to this, they are under continuous pressure to perform at different levels be it at school or society. However, there are measures that can be taken up by their parents to curb this problem.

    The major reason children face superfluous pressure is due to the culture of competition cultivated in them by parents. For example, from a young age, kids are instructed to outshine their peers in academics, sports and social aspects. Also due to constant exposure to mobile phones and social websites, children compare themselves with others frequently causing huge pressure in themselves. Facebook, for instance, encourages youngsters to peek into friends lives, which eventually develops envy on others and leads to stress and tension.

    However, there are measures that can be taken by parents to educate their children from a young age to withstand these pressure situations. For example, each children should be treated as unique, which would encourage them to focus on their own skills, instead of comparing themselves with fellow colleagues. Also, caretakers can play a major role to keep children away from mobile phones. They could use parental controls to block websites and monitor the usage of mobile phones.

    In recent days, even though children are dealing with constant pressure to perform at studies and social engagements with society at large, adequate measures taken by parents can ensure that these problems are reduced to a certain extent.

    • ielts practice says:

      This seems band 6.5 to me. Overall, content is satisfactory. Take care of the grammar mistakes. Also, aim to write at least 250 words.

  4. saeed zaki says:

    It is commonly said that today’s children are pressurized and are facing harder academic, social, and commercial challenges. In this essay, a discussion of the causes and measures that should be taken into consideration to tackle this issue will be illustrated in the following paragraphs.

    There are many beliefs that children nowadays are facing huge academic pressures; this could be apparently demonstrated with massive amounts of scholarly subjects and ample information that require children to assimilate and sift to attain high scores. Even though it seems to be beneficial for children in the field of academia but it has also certain disadvantages such as waste of time, ambiguity to many children to select and evaluate the proper online materials. This leads many children to get demotivated and stressed. In addition, parents think that a plethora of resources will make their children excel in their schools. In other words, this will have a negative impact on children who try to satisfy their parents.

    Furthermore, social and commercial pressures have significant consequences at the psychological level for children. This means that children cannot buy cellphones and other electronic gadgets like their counterparts, they feel loneliness and isolation while dealing with others. Another point to be considered is that parents enforce their children to accept their bygone traditions which are not valid today for the fast-paced life such as obliging them to wear special clothes or imitate their lifestyle. Accordingly, children who have immigrated with their families to another country experience harmful emotions because of the cultural gap.

    The possible solutions to tackle this issue that the pedagogical system should mitigate the difficulty of scholarly curriculums and adopt greater measures and effective academic approach for children education such as prioritize their daily tasks to be more adequate for children. As well, parents should fill the gap between them and their children, accept their new thinking and teach them self-esteem to avoid any psychological trauma due to social or financial gap.

    In conclusion, having shown causes of children challenges and the possible solutions. It may be stated that children will be a pillar of progressive societies. Thus, children should be dealt with great care from parents, educational staff, and society.

  5. Gourav says:

    Tnx for good essay writing answer

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