Children Are Facing More Pressures Nowadays From Academic, Social And Commercial Perspectives | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Children are facing more pressures nowadays from academic, social and commercial perspectives. What are the causes of these pressures and what measures should be taken to reduce these pressures?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

It is often said that today’s children are facing more pressures from academic, social and commercial perspectives. This essay intends to discuss the causes of these pressures and the measures to alleviate the same.

A common belief is that children of today’s society are facing huge academic pressures. Their competition is not with the children sitting next to them or in the next class. It is at national and international levels. Parents have high expectations for their child. They want them to excel in every field. Every parent wants their child to go to the best school of their city. These days, the school bag is heavier than the student himself. Moreover, considering the standards of education and competition today, after the school, they have to go to private coaching too. Thus they are left with no time to relax or engage in enjoyable outdoor activities.

Then comes the social and commercial pressures on children today. The situation becomes perilous when children want to adopt the global culture despite the fact that their parents want them to stay rooted in their own culture. This in turn leads the children to rebel against the rules laid down by their respective family. In addition to this the commercial pressures have a major impact on the minds of today’s children. It stresses them out when they cannot compete with their peers in terms of material possessions. For example, a child will undoubtedly want a mobile phone that is as good or even better than that of his friend.

To sum up, we cannot deny that today’s children are facing more pressures from academic, social and commercial perspectives. However, to avoid the same, Parents should have realistic expectations from their child. And most importantly they should spend adequate time with their children. The greatest onus is on the schools and teachers. They should not teach to win at all cost. They should in fact make a student learn how to win with modesty and lose with grace. Both parents and schools should learn and allow children to bloom by bringing out their hidden talent. It in turn will make a child grow physically and psychologically.

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4 Responses

  1. Sukhveer says:

    Irrefutabley, pressure related to acedemic,social and commercial has been increasing among children for some past years.Several factors work behind this problem. However some praiseworthy steps,it can be allievate upto some extent.

    To commence with, there are some reasons which are responsible for this problem. Prominently the higher expectations of parents and teachers without comparing the ability of child. Besides their regular classes, children have to attend extra classes and take part in other circulum activities. Resultntly not only the burden of children rises , but also leads to some meledies among adolescents such as stess, anxiety,less sleep ,poor physical and mental health. Further, peer pressure and advanced market poses social and commercial challenges on child as well. Child want to follow,what is going in the society. For instance,if a child sees his frined have a new launched mobile,then obviously the demand for same will emerge in his mind.

    On the other hand,how this problem can be reduced. Firstly, most onus lies on their parents. They have to know the ability of their children and demands results according to that. Secondly they have to spend time with them and observe their problems and demands in order to help them . Also parents should keep an eye on the company of their child. Last but not least teachers should reduce acedemic circular and give students a compition and tension free environment.

    To wrap up, unduboubtly many factors are responsible for increasing pressure among children but parents and teachers can help them to cope with this problem

  2. Navjot kaur says:

    In the present era ,the children have to face innumerable pressure relating to education, social and commercial perspectives.Hence ,there are many reasons behind these difficulties .Therefore, I will articulate the causes and solutions to figure out these complications in forthcoming paragraphs.

    Firstly, the fundamental facts that are behind these are , the children have to face completion at there education level, they not only have to compete with their classmates or pupils in the next classes but they have participate in the completion at national or international levels . Moreover, parents have more expectations from their child that are beyond thier boundaries. Furthermore, guardians also want their toddlers to enrolled in the schools of high standard , so that, they can excel all the skills. Apart from this, kids have to go for tuition after they return from the schools , due to that , they do not have plenty of time to spend with friends or family members as well as not even for playing outdoor activities and for while away.

    Secondly, younger ones have to pay more attention towards the commercial and social perspectives also. Generally , mother and father , expect that their child should follow their own culture only ,however, sometimes the child perceptions are quite detrimental from them, they want to adopt the western culture. In the top of that, commercial pressures are also lie on the teenagers today , they have to balance these as compared to others.

    In nutshell , I can say that it is clear that lots of pressures and responsibilities the kids have to face but the main responsibility is on the parents and schools .They should give the tasks to pupils according to their levels . Furthermore, the parents have to do spend more time with their children , which helps them to more understand about their toddlers.

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