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Sample report

The two maps show Felixstone changed over the years from 1967 to 2001. It can be seen that in 1967, there were shops on either side of the high street. There was also some farmland to the east of the high street and a golf course on its west. The town is bordered by sea in the south and there were dunes in its south-west. There was a hotel near the dunes and next to the hotel was a cafe. There was a pier to access the sea and a fish market above it.

The golf course was still there in 2001. While shops to the west of the high street remained there, the shops to the east of it were replaced by apartments. The farmland gave way to a swimming pool, a hotel and tennis courts. Wind turbines had been erected in the southern part of the town near the dunes. The old hotel near the dunes was renovated and a huge car park added to it. The cafe was still there; however, the marina and fish market were gone. A beach was developed in their place and its eastern most part was converted into a private beach.

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