Can Cars Be Allowed In The Centre Of The City | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

Can cars be allowed in the center of the city. Agree or Disagree with examples.

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

In this modern period people owning automobiles is rapidly increasing all through
the world. In city centers, one can notice a large number of four-wheelers being used. In my
opinion I strongly support the idea of not allowing cars in city centers, because
cars cause more pollution, parking, noise, and traffic congestion. This essay will further
elaborate my opinion with examples.

People visiting city centers want to reach their destination on time and return safely.
So the majority of the people commute by cars. These cars cause lots of traffic congestion.
For instance, in my office the headcount is around 5000. I believe 95% of them can afford a
car, there would be thousands of establishments in city center just like my office. One
can imagine millions of cars travelling everyday through the traffic can cause hinderance
to emergency vehicles, or violating rules while in rush to reach their destination. And
one has to deal with gigantic problem like find a parking place for their car.

Besides traffic congestion and parking problems, cars create a lot of noise and a lot of
pollution while passing through the intersections. Although its a fact there are several
intersections and traffic stops in city center. For example, In the city of Hyderabad where
there are many private and public establishments located besides famous pubs and
restaurants. Those millions of car passengers are visiting cause lot of noise disturbing
the peaceful in the neighbourhoods, and amount of carbon mono-oxide released during their
traffic stops.

In conclusion, passenger automobiles like four wheelers are not supposed to be allowed in
downtown areas. I believe the aforementioned points strongly support my opinion.

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