Buying Things On The Internet Is Becoming More And More Popular | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Buying things on the internet such as books, air tickets and groceries is becoming more and more popular. Do the advantages of shopping in this way outweigh the disadvantages?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Online shopping has been gaining tremendous popularity these days. I opine that this method of buying has both advantages and disadvantages and it is hard to say whether advantages outweigh disadvantages. Buying from virtual stores has become a part of our daily life because of the many benefits of this practice.

First, you can save a considerable amount of time and efforts by using online shops. You can save a considerable amount of time and efforts by using online shops. You can cut down on your physical activities related to shopping and the time and energy thus saved can be used for some other purpose / to accomplish something else. You can boost your productivity in those areas and produce a more desirable result. To illustrate, you are a student who is preparing for civil service examination. If you purchase groceries and receive them at home, you can secure more time and energy to study or rest. Second, when you buy online, you can easily compare prices without visiting several stores. Most companies are operating their own website to promote sales. Consumers can have access to as many websites as they need and compare prices. Thus, online shopping guarantees the best deals to them.

Contrary to these merits, online shopping has some unfavourable aspects as well. First, it takes relatively longer time to receive or return purchased items than offline shopping. It requires a certain amount of time to get the product delivered when we shop online. This feature is inevitable. Second, consumers can receive products that fail to live up to their expectations. Even if online shopping malls provide several images in different angles and comments from other customers, individuals have different anticipations. Hence, it is difficult to satisfy all customers’ needs.

In conclusion, online shopping is one of the mainstreams in modern society. It has not only several boons but also downsides stemming from features of online shopping; therefore, it is hard to say whether its advantages exceed its disadvantages.

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4 Responses

  1. Ravi says:

    Online shopping is so famous in recent days, many people like to do this instead of going to shops and malls. There are some products which are part of major sales in online such as books, travel tickets, food items and fashion items. Despite online shopping having minor concerns, it has brought enormous advantages. I will discuss both problems and benefits in this essay.

    There are some disadvantages through online shopping. First of all, online cheating, which has increased a lot after the trend of using the internet. For example, when people try to buy a product in online, cheaters or hackers steal the credit or debit card details. Second issue is that buyers cannot check the physical damage of an item, people may receive a damaged product in delivery. Finally, there are many fake e-commerce sites, so no guarantee of item delivery if you buy there.

    In spite of having some issues with online shopping, it has tremendous merits. Users no need to move or travel to shopping malls to buy a product, we can order them from sitting in the home. So it saves both travel time as well as travel cost. Another a huge advantage is that online review system, buyers can check the product quality and wellness by using fellow users feedback. As per recent reports, it is impacting the product sales because people like to buy high rated items only.

    To summarise, as I said above there are both merits and demerits because of online buying. However, if the user is a bit cautious, issues can be avoidable. In general, people believe that online shopping has great benefits, so clearly these advantages can overweigh the disadvantages.

  2. Harsuminder Kaur says:

    The proliferation of e-commerce has motivated people to buy all kind of products from the internet. Personally, I believe that online shopping has created a marketplace which is profitable to all the stakeholders, and I, therefore, think that the advantages of online shopping outweigh the disadvantages.
    The primary reason for a special predilection toward online shopping is the availability of colossal pool of products. People can buy products online even if they are not available in their local market. Additionally, these products are cheaper than their local alternatives, if available. Although initially the probability of a duplicate product in the online market was high, nowadays e-commerce websites are making sure that products sold on their website are genuine. Overall, the internet shopping has provided a superior marketplace to the people of remote areas and villages.
    In addition to huge number of products, online shopping saves time. For example, personally, I need to travel 30 km to my district to buy hardware for my computer which takes approximately 3 hours in total. Now, I can order my products online and utilize my time in the valuable activities. Furthermore, in the era of contagious diseases like Corona, online shopping eliminates the need to go out, so it helps to stop the spread. At the same time, not only e-commerce websites are providing easy return and refund policies but also have fast one day deliveries.
    In conclusion, there are numerous advantages of online shopping. In my opinion, benefits of internet shopping outweigh its drawbacks because it saves time, have colossal pool of cheaper products, and easy refund policies.

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