Bringing In Foreign Workers To Fill Positions That Domestic Workers Are Unwilling To Do Can Cause Problems In The Local Community And Therefore Should Be Stopped | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

Bringing in foreign workers to fill positions that domestic workers are unwilling to do can cause problems in the local community and should therefore be stopped. To what extent do you agree with this?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

Some people believe that allowing outsiders from other nations and employing them within a country could cause serious issues for native people but I completely disagree with this notion due to the fact that a nation’s economy would be empowered whenever new talent gets hired and given an employment opportunity.

On the one hand, every nation’s first priority is to enhance the lifestyle and promoting employment which are critical factors for economy; however, entrepreneurs are desperate about reducing expenses by hiring native people but such employees are not interested in carrying out job due to variety of reasons like lifestyle choices, that prevent them from fulfilling their roles and responsibilities which ultimately results into poor productivity, disastrous work outcomes and financial losses. Consequently, such situations will be alleviated whenever foreign workers have given opportunities because they possess desired skillset, domain expertise, high potential and they are capable of carrying out jobs within the same budget as that of domestic employee which would be an ideal fit for businesses. Moreover, such foreign job seekers are eagerly waiting for employment opportunities abroad and would be willing to relocate to another country as this would be helpful for them not only to gain experience and broaden their horizons but also to learn foreign cultures. For example, the Microsoft and Google hire foreign workers frequently because they are equally capable and competent as that of their onsite counterpart. Furthermore, social relations will be strengthened by exchanging knowledge and experiences when outsiders interact & live alongside with domestic people.

It is therefore essential to focus on implications of employing foreign workers along with remedies. The government should work closely with employers to ensure that native citizens should not be impacted either financially or mentally while inviting & employing outsiders within a nation as this could lead to economic downfall if not managed properly. Moreover, employers should assure that every employee’s rights are respected and preserved and they have been given equal opportunities as per their interest levels while mitigating the demand and supply of resources. The government should provide health care and education facilities to such people which will ensure talent retention. For instance, New Zealand, Australia and Canada countries have provincial permanent residency immigration programs in place that not only attracts talented crowd but also provides them numerous benefits including free health care & free education. Furthermore, the unemployment is the most common issue for each nation and it can be resolved when right education and training programs put into place but this is not a panacea for all as people should be qualified enough to meet the criteria of respective organization. For instance, the government of United Kingdom has implemented internships and training programs which have empowered millions of people to gain daily wages but still unemployment rate has not been nullified.

In conclusion, each corporation’s strength is strong workforce and their success depends on healthy work culture, excellent throughput, collaboration, cultural diversity along with optimistic thought process. In fact, the foreign employment must be encouraged as it will help the nation and people to grow and prosper.

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