Being A Celebrity Such As A Famous Film Star Or Sports Personality Brings Problems As Well As Benefits

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Famous people live in the constant glare of media and fame brings with it both benefits and drawbacks. Even so, in my opinion, the advantages of being a well-known person outweigh the disadvantages.

The main problem of being a famous person is the excessive public and media attention. One of the biggest concerns of celebrities is the lack of privacy. They have a number of followers eager to peep into their personal lives and that encourages media to publish every bit and piece of their life. This can sometimes lead to problems because celebrities are normal people like everyone else and they cannot conduct themselves perfectly at all times. For instance, recently a famous actor expressed his discomfort when one of his fans attempted to take pictures with him during a marriage function. It became flash news immediately and people instantly jumped to the conclusion that he was an arrogant person who could not treat his followers well. Such incidents tarnish the image of celebrities and in order to avoid them, celebrities have to restrict themselves from behaving naturally in public and be extremely cautious all the time.

On the flip side, there are many more advantages to being a celebrity. One of the biggest advantages of fame is that it opens the gate to wealth. National and international brands pay well-known people huge amounts of money to endorse their products. Celebrities also exert considerable influence on the society. Their followers listen to them and imitate them blindly. Celebrities can make a positive difference to the world by lending their support to various causes. Their fame and influence may even help them build a career in politics. Obviously, there are multiple advantages to being a celebrity.

In conclusion, the main disadvantage of being a celebrity is the breach of privacy. However, it pales in comparison to the many advantages that fame brings.

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