Bar Graph Shows The Total Manufacturing Production In Percentages In Asia, Europe And The Rest Of The World | Band 7 IELTS Report Sample

The bar graph shows the total manufacturing production in percentages in Asia, Europe and the rest of the world.

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Band 7 IELTS report sample

The bar chart illustrates the proportion of total manufacturing production in the 3 regions Asia, Europe, and rest of the world over the period from 1840 to 2000. Overall, the three regions experienced a varying trend in the total manufacturing production during the 160-year period. Notably Asia who was the leader in the manufacturing production in 1840 regained its position in 2000 after a period of fluctuation. As the graph shows, Asia was the leader in the total manufacturing production in 1840 contributing 50% to the total. After this it experienced a steep fall to 20% in 1920 over an  80-year period. Following this, it rose sharply again to about 45% in 2000 regaining its position as a leader. Regarding Europe, it started at 40% in 1840. It grew steadily to 50% in 1920 leading the manufacturing production. Thereafter it fell by about little more than half to about 28% in 2000. Meanwhile the total manufacturing production started at a low of 10% in 1840 in the rest of the world. It witnessed an upward trend and climbed significantly to about 37% in 1960. At that point, it shared this figure with Europe. Then it dropped to about 32% in 2000 and occupied the second position amongst the three regions. 

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