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Write a letter to a friend who is coming to stay at your apartment while you are away on vacation. In your letter,

– tell him/her about your flat.

– give him/her some instructions about his/ her stay.

– tell him/ her what to do in case of problem.

Sample letter

Dear James

I received your letter and I am excited to hear that you will be staying in my apartment during your stay in London. Unfortunately, I will not be there. I will be away on vacation during your visit. My daughter’s school is reopening next week, so there is no way I can postpone our trip. I’m really sorry.

As for my flat, it is on Westfield Street. You have my address, right? It is exactly opposite the Westfield School and is not difficult to locate; however, I would recommend you to hire a taxi from the airport, rather than taking the public transport. My flat number is 902. I will leave my house keys with my neighbour who lives in flat number 903. Upon your arrival, visit her home and request the keys. I have already discussed this matter with her. I have even shown her a photo of yours. And during your stay, always make sure that you lock the doors before leaving the flat. I know you love music, but most of my neighbours are too sensitive to noise so don’t play the music system at high volumes.

Now, in case, you experience any problems during your stay, feel free to call me on my mobile number.

I wish you a pleasant stay in London.

Kind regards



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