Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample | Some People Think That Students Should Go To University To Improve Their Career Prospects

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Some people believe that studying in a college or university is the best way for students to prepare for their future career. Others think they should leave school as soon as possible to develop their career through work experience. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Band 9 IELTS essay sample

While some people insist that students should go to a college or university to pursue higher education, others argue that they should start working on their career as soon as they finish high school. In my opinion, both options have their merits and demerits and it is up to the students to decide which option is better for them.

There are several benefits to pursuing higher education at university. To start with, university education equips students with the skills required to become a competent professional. For example, one cannot become a doctor or an advocate without going to university because these jobs require specialist skills that can only be obtained from an authorised educational education.  Also, university education increases the knowledge and decision making skills of students. Both qualities will benefit them when they enter the job market.

On the flip side, there are several jobs that do not require university education. For example, one doesn’t necessarily need a degree in hotel management to launch one’s own restaurant or food joint. Likewise, one does not require a degree in textiles management or garment designing to start a tailoring unit. More than any academic qualifications what these jobs require is a genuine interest in that field. Actually starting early gives budding entrepreneurs a better opportunity to establish themselves before competition gets tougher.

To conclude, while a university degree is a must for certain professions there are sectors that value work experience more. Having said that, university degrees certainly do not hurt the career prospects of a person. Rather it empowers them. In my opinion, it is up to the individual to decide whether they should go to university or find work after leaving school.

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