Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample | Instead Of Focusing On One Subject, Students Should Learn A Variety Of Subjects

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University students often focus on one subject. However some people think that universities should encourage a range of other subjects. To what extent do you agree?

Band 9 IELTS essay sample

At school students learn a variety of subjects ranging from arts and music to literature and science. Some people insist that universities should follow the same pattern and teach a variety of students to all the students. I do not agree with this view because this method is not beneficial for the student or the society.

By the time students finish high school, they have acquired a decent understanding of a variety of subjects. For example, most of them can read and write two or three languages, do sums, identify the symptoms of common ailments and understand the basic concepts of physics, chemistry and geography. This knowledge is adequate for most people to go about their day to day lives. And for those who want to build a career in a specific field, specialization is the key. For example, someone who wants to be a doctor does not benefit from learning calculus or trigonometry. Likewise, an architect does not have to understand thermodynamics or astrophysics. Rather what they need is in depth knowledge in their field of interest.

If universities teach all subjects to all students they will not manage to produce professionals with cutting edge knowledge and expertise in specific fields. Obviously, this method of learning or teaching jeopardizes the job prospects of the students and the welfare of the society. In every society there is a need for specialists and the only way to produce specialists is to impart education that focuses on specific subjects.

To conclude, the argument that universities should teach a variety of subjects to all students does not hold water because it not only hurts the job prospects of the individual but also creates a dearth of specialists in the society.

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  1. Ved Sudesh says:

    It has been discussed recently that universities should encourage their students to study a range of subjects instead of their special subject. In my opinion expertise is required to excel in any particular business. Therefore I totally disagree with the above topic.
    Years of schooling give a fair exposure and understanding to all learners what subject to choose for their further studies. Schooling also allows them to explore their passion of subjects from art to science or art to literature. Once they get their understanding, they work towards excellence. This results some of the best doctors, lawyer, Computer engineer we can see around the world. The world cannot acquire the top class professional if the students have to acquire the proficiency in all the extremes.
    However a Doctor does not have to learn about architecture and designs of a building. A lawyer will have to follow their routine in courts rather than going to farming. Somebody have a flare of cooking could be a great chef and still contribute towards the society and mankind like other professional. We also need historian, businessman, agriculturist, Astronauts and so on. It is well said that “Jack of all trades are master of none” is not fruitful in this cutting edge of competition. Government should encourage all the students follow their subject of expertise furthermore in their career. This is only way we can have best professionals in concerned field and a great contribution by them to the world.
    In the nutshell it is evident that depth knowledge is the key of any nation’s prosperity and should be adhered accordingly.

    • Manjusha Nambiar says:

      This seems band 6.5 to me. Content is good. Grammar needs improvement.

      • Manjinder singh says:

        It has been seen that pupils learn a variety of subjects at high school. Some people think that children need to be taught various subjects in universities. However I believe that
        this development might exacerbate professional qualities in students and will create deleterious conditions for society.

        To begin with, there are numerous reasons to support the answer to the question why children should learn a specific subject during university education. First and foremost reason is expertise in a selected trade requires an in depth research to get sufficient knowledge of that trade. It is nearly Impossible to excel in different subjects by studying them at same time, because every subject has its own vast territory. Therefore gathering the knowledge of two or more main stream subjects at the same time will be an unprecedented task, that will cause restrictions for a person to get expertise in both subjects.

        Moreover, imparting the education related to various subjects to a single student will create several problem for university authorities. To elaborate, universities educational structure has been developed in a way that it doesn’t allow them to arrange multiple subject classes for students. To create such educational system , authorities will have to spend huge amount of money to hire more teachers and resources. Hence it will be quite costly for both university and student.

        Further more, society will also be affected by the scarcity of specialist. Having been educated in different subjects, students will no longer be able to become specialists. Specialization in one profession needs a sufficient amount of experience. Students, however, will be unable to get experience in different trades and will deprived off to gain Experticity. They will not deserve to serve the society.

        To conclude, although the thought of getting education of two or more subjects seems to be more fruitful, adopting this practically will be more challenging and detrimental.

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