Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample | Children Should Spend Their Free Time Doing Organized Group Activities

Here is a band 9 IELTS essay sample.

Some people say that parents should encourage their children to take part in organised group activities in their free time. Others say that it is important for children to learn how to keep themselves occupied on their own.

Band 9 IELTS essay sample

Some people feel that children should spend their spare time doing group activities; others opine that children should find ways to keep themselves busy on their own. In my opinion, both options have their merits and demerits.

Engaging in organized group activities is certainly beneficial for children. To start with, such activities are safe because children will almost always have someone to supervise them while they play. Also, they can learn several valuable skills like team spirit and cooperation when they play a team sport or get involved in a group activity. For example, when children play a sport like football or cricket, they learn the importance of working with their teammates to achieve their common goal. Such skills will benefit them in their future. These activities also enhance the confidence levels and interpersonal skills of children.

On the flip side, it is not always possible to participate in group events. There are times when a child is left alone. For example, his friends could be busy with their studies and cannot play with him. Since such situations can arise every now and then, every child should be able to keep themselves occupied doing their own things. For example, they could read, write or paint. These activities not only keep them engaged, but also help them discover their hidden talents.

The important downside to spending time alone is that children may use it for unproductive activities. For example, if they are left alone most children will just sit glued to their television or computer. This practice, unfortunately, does not help them in any way.

To conclude, it is important for children to find a way to keep themselves occupied on their own. However, parents should also encourage them to engage in group activities because such activities help to improve their health and overall personality.

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  1. Cute Raji says:

    There has been a popular debate that how children should spend their spare time. Some people opine that parents should motivate their children to take part in activities where more children are involved while others insist that children should learn the art of keeping themselves busy doing interested activities of their own. In my opinion both are important for a child.
    Participating in group activities is undoubtedly beneficial for children. First and foremost, not every child is outgoing and gregarious type; some kids are shy, hesitant and afraid to mingle with others. In this scenario, parents’ involvement is essential to encourage their children to build relationship with their peers. Children may feel confident enough to do joint activities when there is parents’ support. Additionally, imparting social skills is also a big part of parenting. When parents travel with children in their life journey, they can teach nuances of people handling, and support them in their ups and downs. Through group activities, the chances are high for kids to learn valuable skills such as team spirit, cooperation, interpersonal skills, confidence and working with others to achieve a common goal. These skills certainly will help in their future. Moreover, emotional intelligence, which is the need of the current generation, can be developed and enhanced through group-level cognition. Maintaining emotional health is the top most priority to be a success in the current, cut-throat competitive world.
    On the other hand, there are situations such as rainy days, pandemic time and exam days where children have to spend their time alone. When there is no chance for a child to do a joint activity s/he should be able to keep themselves occupied in productive activities without being a scapegoat of the internet, video games and television. In addition to that, when children are trained to do the interesting things on their own, it will benefit them in their future to focus on the important things of life amidst distractions. Focusing with calm and composed mind would result in a beautiful mind and it needs a lot of practice. Childhood is the most appropriate time to cultivate this amazing characteristic. Furthermore, spending their free time in doing rewarding activities such as reading, writing, painting and observing the world with different perception would help discover their latent potentials.
    To conclude, engaging in group activities will certainly improve social and life skills of children. Learning to spend their time productively will help them enhance their overall personality. I believe parents should guide their children to spend their time wisely for both activities in their formative years.

  2. Nisha says:

    Parental guidance is the vital role for their children in developing intellectual and social skills. However, many people argue that parents should motivate their children to participate in various interpersonal activities in their spare time. While others say that children should learn themself to utilize their ideal time independently. In my opinion, both view have their advantages and disadvantages.

    Firstly, in every aspect of life children want someone to supervise especially their parents. They should encourage them to engage with other children so that this will enhance their social and interpersonal skills which is nowadays more important in this world. Every individual child has some unique capabilities so while interacting and spending time with them will influence in learning. For example, some children are very good at presenting situations so other will learn their presentation skills.

    On the other hand, without parent intervention children could learn by themself. For example, as some children do not like anyone to interfere in their free time activities like painting and programming in computer. They want their own privacy to utilize time constructively. There is another possibility that without parents and friends, children should know how to occupy themself alone. In contrast, there are some drawbacks to left child alone as they may use for unproductive activities, for example watching television or playing computer games.

    In conclusion, it is important that children should know how to manage time when they are alone. However, parents should also encourage them to involve in group activities because these tasks help to improve social and communication skills.

  3. Farid says:

    Some think that climate change reforms will negatively affect business. Others feel they are an opportunity for businesses.

    Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

    Many nowadays are of the opinion that radical environment-friendly reform could negatively affect business, while others claim that modern corporations will benefit from the eco-friendly laws at large. This essay will discuss both opinions but will aim to support the last opinion as current corporations have great potential to produce numerous eco-friendly products and create outsize remunerations.
    On the one hand, the governmental policies already closed numerous industrial facilities around the globe and environmentalists hurt global corporations at large. Numerous gas and oil corporations already suffer from insufficient funds and could not explore new remote areas, due to the various deterrent environmental laws. In the past environmental policies fail, due to the powerfulness of the fossil fuel corporation and fair of economic downsizes. However current generation gathered together and accepted new environmental laws in order to get rid of global warming. Such action obliged many countries with outdated eco-harmful manufactures to close their production, ultimately leading to the loss of global business power.
    Nevertheless, despite some strong arguments listed above the aforementioned facts, are rare and mostly related to the undeveloped countries with the old-organized manufactures, while rich companies with cutting-edge technologies have already redesigned their manufacture process and began to produce various eco-friendly goods, like clothes with artificial leathers, electric cars, and bio-degradable package fabrics. For example, nowadays Tesla corporation is the largest electronic car manufactures in the world with an outsized annual income and popularity.
    Other companies in less developed countries like India already take advantage of the environmental policies and producing a bulk of the domestic goods from natural, renewable resources like wood and stones, which provide not only income for the companies holders and employees but save surroundings from pollution.
    In conclusion, despite some tangible drawbacks of the environmental laws on some industrial corporations, in the majority of cases both minor, local as global companies benefit a lot from the recent innovation in environmental policies and develop themselves in a new way.

  4. Farid says:

    Many nowadays are of the opinion that parents should encourage their offspring to various both sport and social outdoor activities, while others believe that modern you should take responsibility for their education on their own. Although there are some legitimate reasons to support the first opinion, in my perspective the current generation should organize their leisure activities on their own.
    Those who claim that parents should play a crucial role in encouraging their offspring in outdoor activities often point to the numerous advantages and facts which support such a trend. To begin with, the fact that children would be more supervised so they will have a chance to play in a safer environment. In an emergency situation when they could have a fracture, parents could easily contact the nearest hospital and take their child to the local emergency room or clinic. Moreover, team games, like basketball or football are quite beneficial for the young generations it teaches modern youth how to curb their own anxiety and least how to deal with other people temperaments, not to mention that such sports increased individuals confidence and teach how to be a suitable member of society and team.
    Nevertheless, despite some valuable arguments listed above, current parents are often overloaded by their main work and social duties and simply couldn’t to organise their offsprings leisure activity. Some families lives in remote areas and work in the downtowns seven days a week for keep all their family members well dressed and feed. Ohers consist from the single parents, where the mother like the main bredwinner should deal with the numerous problem, while her child often suffer from the lack of the sibling and spent all their free time alone. Consider the aforementioned facts moder child should take responsibilities for their activities as learn how to entertain themselfs or gain useful skills. Some children nowadays already sign-up to the online courses or creadet groups on the social-media platforms to attract people with the same interest in particular areas. Others start to looking themselves in the paintings and designed drees.
    On conclusion, despite some tangible benefits of the parental supervising and encouraging, in the major cases contemporary youth should be more responsible and independ in a way of organisation their own activities.

  5. FARHAD says:

    Many nowadays are of the opinion that modern young children should be entered to the preschool courses, while others believe that they should spend their preschool time with parents, as it enhances the social bonds between parents and their offsprings. Although there are some legitimate reasons to support parental supervision for young children under 7, in my perspective it will be more useful if they will attend nursery.
    On the one hand, children who stay at home under their parent’s attention have the opportunity to get love, attention, and passion from their parents and as a result, create more powerful social bonds between young and old generations. This endurance link is the main force of the young individual’s development and would play a crucial role in the child’s further mental development.Moreover, toddlers who are always under attention from their parents would not consume fast-food products or spoil his or her health by drinking sweet beverages, as parents will pay attention to their offspring’s diet and of course will keep their child far away from harmful habits and poor nutritional food. Unfortunately, nowadays with the advent of globalization, which forces both parents to work, it is a desirable but impossible task.
    Nevertheless, despite some positive details listed above modern parents are overloaded by the work and social duties and simply suffer from the lack of the opportunities to devote their valuable time to their offspring. Some young children live in a single-parent family, where the mother as the main breadwinner should perform on the two survival jobs for keeping her child well-dressed and feed, others could suffer from the lack of siblings and spent most of the time in solitude and sorrow. All aforementioned facts could have a detrimental effect on the toddler\s development while attending nursery school could be beneficial for the development of their people skills. At the nursery, an ordinary child will study fundamental skills and will already be prepared for primary school, not to mention the ability to be a suitable member of society and deal with the other children’s temper or listen and obey specific strict rules.
    In conclusion, despite some tangible benefits of parental supervision and home preparation for the preschool child, in the majority of cases, preschool courses would be more useful and beneficial as an average toddler will be more experienced both in the theoretical subjects snd in teamwork.

  6. FARHAD says:

    People these days watch TV, films and other programs alone rather than with other people.

    Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

    Many nowadays are of the preferences to watch they lovely sitcoms and movies alone, with the comfort of their flat or workplace, while others love to do it together with friends and family. Although watching movies alone could be beneficial in many aspects, it is at the same time harm individuals’ mental health.

    The proponents of watching movies alone often point to the countless benefits of such a pastime. To begin with, modern planet dwellers are overloaded both by their work and social duties. The average student or employee is the most likely to spend their free time alone by downloading and watching movies on Netflix or chatting with friends through popular apps, like WhatsApp or Viber. The convenience and the time saving of this process is obvious and mostly lead to the saving both time and energy on a more crucial issues like an obtaing useful skills from the movie like right pronunciation of the certain complex worlds or for your hobbies .
    Nevertheless, despite positive details listed above , watching movies and klips alopne could lead to the more insualr society, ultimately leading to the various social consequences, as a disability to create social bonds, sociophobiawhich could be later ntanslated in more serious issues. The more time ordnirary individuals will spent alone the more chances to rest the majority of his or her time at solitude and sorrow, not to mentioned to the lack of opportunity to find a suitable job through the spread network. The both social and economic downsized which currently occurred in the rich countries is a reason of the isolated wave of life. As a prime example of such dire trend we could observe from the most rich and developed country in the world like Japan, which use to show regular growth both in economic and in social aspects but nowadays suffer from insufficient social oriented employees in international corporations and high rate of mehthaly ill individuals.
    In conclusion, while the beneficial impact of the insularing pastime is obvious, it is as the same time could lead to various social and economic issues and have potential to hit peoples’s both emotional and financial well-being. Therefore, in my perspective the tradeoffs of the isolated hobbies outweighs the positive.

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