Band 9 essay sample | Watching TV does not improve the intellectual skills of children

The following essay topic was seen in an IELTS exam recently held in India.

Essay topic

Nowadays children spend a lot of time watching TV and playing computer games. However, it does not help in improving their mental abilities. Do you agree or disagree?

A sample essay is given below.

Sample essay

Most children now spend a ridiculous amount of time in front of their TV or computer. They are always glued to their screens. Staring at a screen does not engage the brain. Several studies have shown that when children watch TV or play computer games, their brain activity is minimal. When the brain remains idle for a long time, it affects the intellectual development of the child. Therefore, I agree with the argument that watching TV or playing video games does not improve children’s mental or intellectual skills.

When a child sits for hours staring at a computer screen, very few areas of their brain are activated. By contrast, activities like reading or drawing activates many areas of the brain. Activities that engage the brain improve the intellectual and cognitive skills of the child. Physical activity also helps with brain development.

When children watch TV, they don’t move their limbs much. They don’t even blink. They just stare at the screen. This kind of content consumption is not good for the brain. In fact, studies have shown that children who stay active by engaging in physical activity or creative pursuits like writing, singing or painting are smarter than those who sit in front of their TV for hours on end. All that screen time also causes several health problems in them. For example, they are more likely to be obese. They may even develop diabetes.

To conclude, our bodies and minds are not designed to be idle for long periods. If we keep them idle, our intellectual skills will suffer. Therefore, I agree with the argument that watching TV does not help brain development in children. Our brain is a big muscle. If we work it, it will develop. But if we leave it idle, it will start losing its faculties.

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