Band 9 essay sample | Unpaid community work must be compulsory for school children

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Some people believe that unpaid community service should be compulsory part of high school programmes (for example working for a charity, improving the neighbourhood or teaching to younger children).
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample essay

Every nation needs citizens who show social commitment. Since children are the future of a nation, some people believe that they should be required to engage in unpaid community work while they are at school. I strongly agree with this argument. In my opinion, every student should be required to do something for the society. Since many of them are unlikely to have the inclination to do so on their own, making it compulsory is the only way out.
When school students engage in community service, they get to learn a lot of life skills. They learn to be empathetic. When they help poor or disabled people, they learn to appreciate their own life. They realize that they have got many things that other people don’t have. Working with or working for less fortunate people is a great way to understand the meaning of one’s own life.

There is yet another reason for making social work compulsory. Nowadays children are becoming too full of themselves. They have little time for others. They are constantly glued to their smart phones or gaming consoles. In most cases, making community service an integral part of the school curriculum is the only way to get them engaged in social work. The best part is that once they become involved in social causes they will begin to enjoy helping others. When they realize that their work makes a difference to another person’s life, they will begin to like it.

Another important benefit of engaging in community service is that it provides children an opportunity to improve their communication skills. When they interact with people from all walks of life, they learn a lot of coping skills as well.

To conclude, students who engage in unpaid community service reap a lot of benefits. Since few students have the natural drive for social work, making it compulsory is the only way to get them engaged in social work. Therefore, I agree with the argument that community service should be a compulsory part of school curriculum.

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