Band 9 essay sample | The most important thing about a job is the salary

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The most important thing about a job is how much money you earn in that job. Do you agree or disagree?

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While it is being argued that salary should be the prime criterion for choosing a job, in my view, a safe and stress-free working environment is as important as the financial benefits gained from a job.

Of course, money is much more than a means for satisfying one’s needs in this materialistic world. It is also a status symbol. Being supported by a prestigious salary certainly allows the employee to afford spending on housing, travelling, health insurance and recreation. The weight of the pay packet also affects the performance of the employee. Underpaid employees are more likely to work in a careless manner because they lack the motivation to work harder. This feeling of dissatisfaction can result in the failure of an organization if it is prevalent among all of its employees. It is thus evident that the income that an employee obtains from a job will play a crucial role in determining their willingness to continue in that position.

This, however, does not mean that salary is the only thing to consider while choosing a job. For most employees, a safe and stress-free working environment is equally important. Working in a hazardous industry can lead to consequences that cannot be compensated with whatever amounts of money. For example, people working in the mining industry run the risk of getting buried while digging in mines. Although they are well-paid, their salary won’t help them if they die or get seriously injured. Likewise, unachievable targets and tight deadlines are the norm at many organizations. They put tremendous pressure on employees and hinder their personal and professional life. For example, in Japan, a lot of people commit suicide because of work pressure. The reasons mentioned above clearly show that several factors other than financial advantages need to be considered while proceeding with a job offer.

To sum up, in my view a safe and stress-free working environment is as important as a fat salary. We need money to meet our expenses. We need to stay safe from injuries and illnesses too.

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