Band 9 essay sample | Subjects like drawing and painting are a waste of time

Some people think that children should learn to paint or draw at school. Others believe it is just a waste of time. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Band 9 essay sample

A lot of schools teach subjects like painting and drawing. While some people are in favour of this, others feel that teaching such subjects is merely a waste of time. I agree with them. In my opinion, a student’s time can be used for better purposes.

I certainly agree that there are at least a few benefits to learning arts. For example, activities like drawing or painting enhances the creativity of children. Arts give wings to their imagination and broaden their horizons. Another benefit is that arts help children to become better individuals in life. In addition, these subjects offer plenty of relaxation. Being engaged in such creative activities help students to break the monotony of studying academics.

On the flip side, art subjects cannot be made compulsory because not everybody has an aptitude for drawing, painting or singing. Since these subjects require inborn talents, there is no point in imposing them on students who may not have an aptitude for them. For example, some students may be more interested in playing sports. They will not enjoy it if the school forces them to sit and draw. It will be more rewarding for them to invest their time in playing games. What’s more, for most parents, the motive for sending their children to school is to help them excel in academics. They want the school to focus on subjects like mathematics or science. As for those students who are actually interested in learning art, well, they can learn it from classes outside school. In every city, town and village, there are several institutions teaching subjects like singing, dancing and drawing.

To conclude, I feel that schools should not make drawing or painting compulsory. Instead, they should offer it as an optional subject so that students who are actually interested in it can pursue it without wasting the time of others.

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