Band 9 Essay Sample | Some People Think International Tourism Is Bad for Their Country

Many people believe that international tourism is a bad thing for their own countries. What are the reasons?  What are the solutions to change negative attitudes?

Band 9 essay sample

Some people are not in favour of foreigners visiting their country. They feel that international tourists do more harm than good to their culture. In my opinion, this negative attitude is the outcome of various misconceptions about foreigners. The government and the media can do a lot to bust these myths.

Cultural differences exist between nations and that is the reason behind this animosity towards foreign tourists. People, especially those living in conservative societies, believe that the influx of foreign tourists to their country can damage their ethnic culture and values. India, for example, is a conservative country that expects both men and women to dress modestly and behave conservatively in public. When western tourists, especially women, wear skimpy outfits while touring the country, they invite a lot of unwanted stares. The same thing happens in Arabian countries where public display of affection is strictly forbidden. Obviously, Arabians do not like it when foreigners kiss or engage in other acts of affection in public.

While it is true that no culture is better or worse than others, countries should still advise their people to dress and behave appropriately when they are abroad. Foreigners need to realize that when they disrespect local customs and traditions, they are putting their safety at risk. Host nations should also convince their people that tourism is actually good for their country and economy. It creates jobs and boosts local economy.

To conclude, misconceptions about foreigners are the reason many people dislike them. International tourists can do a lot to dispel these myths by behaving appropriately and respecting foreign cultures and customs when they are abroad. The governments of host nations should also convince their people of the importance of tourism.

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