Band 9 essay sample | Should schools give more importance to subjects like arts, music and creating writing?

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Some people believe that subjects such as art, music, drama and creative writing have a bright future. Therefore, schools should spend more time teaching these subjects. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

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Schools already provide some training in subjects like dance, music and creative writing. These ‘extracurricular’ classes help students discover their innate talent for these subjects. Some people believe that these subjects should be given greater importance in the school curriculum because they have a bright future. I don’t agree with this view. In my opinion, subjects like these should be optional because few students have an aptitude for them.

Not all students are supposed to be artists, singers or writers. Such careers require inborn talents. While it is possible to acquire a taste for these subjects by learning them at school, it is not enough to build a bright future in these fields. That also explains why schools set aside only a few hours to teach these subjects. Those who have a talent for them can gain professional training from dedicated institutions after school. In every city, it is not hard to find institutes providing special training in dance or drama. Students who have a flair for these subjects and who are keen on building a career in them can attend those institutes.

Arts and stories entertain us; however, they are not crucial to our existence. By contrast, subjects like maths and science have greater applications in life. The world certainly needs more doctors and engineers than singers or painters. Also, a large number of students show proficiency in these ‘intellectual’ subjects. The truth is that anyone can become a doctor or engineer if they are willing to work hard. By contrast, very few can become a Michelangelo or Beethoven.

To conclude, I don’t agree with the argument that schools should put greater emphasis on subjects like arts and drama. These subjects require inborn talents and few students possess them. Those who are indeed blessed with these talents can hone their skills by joining an institution providing dedicated training in such disciplines.

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