Band 9 essay sample: Should mobiles be banned in public places?


Some people say that mobile phones should be banned in public places such as libraries, shops and public transport. Do you agree or disagree?

Band 9 essay sample

Mobiles have made communication easier and more convenient. However, sometimes people talking on their mobile phone disturb the surrounding environment and the general public. Because of this reason, several people have opined that the use of mobile phones should be banned in public places like libraries, shops and on buses and trains. I agree with this view.

When people traveling on a bus or train make or receive calls on their mobile phone, they are causing a great deal of disturbance to other passengers. In order to ensure that the listener can hear properly, the caller often talks too loudly. This can disturb fellow passengers who may be reading or sleeping. And when people driving a vehicle talk on their mobiles, it can result in fatal accidents. This cannot be allowed at all.

Libraries are another place where the use of mobile phones should be banned or discouraged. Library is meant for reading and thinking. If people use mobile phones when they are inside the library, they will unnecessarily disturb other people reading or studying there.
By simply banning mobiles in public places, we cannot perhaps solve this problem. We also need to create awareness about the proper and polite way to use mobiles in public places.

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. In fact, most of us can’t even imagine a life without our mobiles. They are also a blessing in emergencies. In such situations, their use must be permitted.

To conclude, there is a real need to ban the use of mobile phones in public places. It is true that they are a necessity and have enriched our lives in many ways, but their excessive use in public places must be discouraged at any cost.

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  1. FARHAD says:

    Some people focus on news in their own country, while others think it is more important to be aware of international news.

    Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    Many nowadays are of the opinion that current planet dwellers should concentrate their focus primarily on local news and events rather than on international news. I largely disagree with this statement as the modern platen citizens strictly depend on global events and should be aware of all global issues.
    The proponents of the significance of local news and events often point to the numerous facts which support this opinion. To begin with, the fact that local rules and changes could have a vital role in a local people lives. The recent pandemic situation with the Covid-19 and the restriction rules in particular countries is a vivid example of the usefulness and importance of the local announcement for the country’s citizens. Those who are unaware of the local restriction rules due to lockdown could violate the rules and put themselves and others at great risk, not to mention that local crime and corruption rates are also one of the main local news in which local citizens must be aware for keeping themselves in a safety. Unfortunately, nowadays with the advent of globalization be aware of the only local issues, is not enough to survive and develop.
    Nevertheless, consider some valuable arguments listed above, with the era of globalization and multinational society where all nations strictly depend on each other global news starts to play a key role in contemporary citizens’ life. Today most of the modern employees work in global corporations, their salaries, and further career development as remuneration packages and even prices in local markets closely depend on the current global situation. Military and trade pressure, foreign elections, global environmental and social catastrophies, have a great impact on a global market and stimulate the global economy to grow or shrink. Therefore modern planet citizens should focus their attention on the international news, as it provides pivotal information about all key issues in the world and has a great influence on all country’s economies and political life.
    In conclusion, despite some tangible benefits from learning local news, in the majority of cases, all planet citizens should and must pay great attention to the global issues as nowadays we all have a strong connection with each other and countries become to live in one united world.

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