Band 9 essay sample: Should mobiles be banned in public places?


Band 9 essay sample

Mobiles have made communication easier and more convenient. However, sometimes people talking on their mobile phone disturb the surrounding environment and the general public. Because of this reason, several people have opined that the use of mobile phones should be banned in public places like libraries, shops and on buses and trains. I agree with this view.

When people traveling on a bus or train make or receive calls on their mobile phone, they are causing a great deal of disturbance to other passengers. In order to ensure that the listener can hear properly, the caller often talks too loudly. This can disturb fellow passengers who may be reading or sleeping. And when people driving a vehicle talk on their mobiles, it can result in fatal accidents. This cannot be allowed at all.

Libraries are another place where the use of mobile phones should be banned or discouraged. Library is meant for reading and thinking. If people use mobile phones when they are inside the library, they will unnecessarily disturb other people reading or studying there. By simply banning mobiles in public places, we cannot perhaps solve this problem. We also need to create awareness about the proper and polite way to use mobiles in public places.

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. In fact, most of us can’t even imagine a life without our mobiles. They are also a blessing in emergencies. In such situations, their use must be permitted.

To conclude, there is a real need to ban the use of mobile phones in public places. It is true that they are a necessity and have enriched our lives in many ways, but their excessive use in public places must be discouraged at any cost.

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