Band 9 Essay Sample | Schools Should Reward Students Who Show Progress

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Some people think that schools should reward students who have the best academic results, while others believe that it is more important to reward students who show progress. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Band 9 essay sample

Most schools reward students who perform well in their examinations. Some people, however, feel that instead of giving prizes to academic toppers, schools should appreciate the hard work of students who show great progress by rewarding them. In my opinion, toppers as well as those who show progress need to be rewarded.

Rewards motivate students to work harder and achieve better results. Everybody loves to get prizes. Toppers are no different. When the school appreciates their hard work with prizes, they will be motivated to work even harder. What’s more, their performance will also inspire other students to study harder and improve their grades. If the school does not reward them, at least, some of them will lose the motivation and that may reflect in their grades.

At the same time, toppers are not the only students who need to be appreciated. Students who show great progress should also be rewarded for their hard work. Just knowing that the school appreciates their efforts will be a motivation for them and they will want to improve their performance by working harder.

Rewards are given for a reason. As human beings, we all crave appreciation. When others recognize our efforts, we will want to work even harder and achieve greater results. If schools only reward academic toppers, others may assume that prizes are not meant for them. In that case, they will give up even without making an effort to get better grades. If, on the other hand, the schools also reward students showing improvement, more and more students will want to improve their grades.

To conclude, rewards encourage all students to work harder. Therefore, in my opinion, not only the toppers, but students showing improvement also need to be rewarded.


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