Band 9 Essay Sample | Rich Nations Should Change Their Attitude Towards Poor Nations To Eradicate Poverty

The following is a topic that appeared in a recently held IELTS exam.

‘Some people think that changing  people’s attitudes to other countries, and culture is an important factor in reducing world poverty. Others, however, feel that the most important method is trade.’

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task and write at least 250 words.

Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Only a small percent of the world’s population lives in rich countries. Yet, they own more than 80 percent of the global wealth. Some people claim that we need to change our attitude towards other countries to eradicate poverty from the world. Others feel that increasing trade is the solution. In my opinion, we need a change in attitude as well as a boost in trade.

Nations are obsessed with their boundaries. They only want to take care of the people living within their boundaries. If eliminating poverty from the world is the goal, countries and their people have to think beyond their boundaries. People need to realize that everyone irrespective of their nationality, religion or ethnicity belong to one family – humanity. Rich countries already have a considerable amount of wealth lying unused in their coffers. The moment they start using this wealth for the betterment of humanity, poverty will be a thing of past. This, of course, requires a change in their attitude towards poor countries and their people.

An increase in trade is important too. It is wrong to assume that a nation can progress entirely on financial aid received from other countries. While foreign aid certainly helps in building infrastructure and other facilities, it does not arrive in unlimited amounts. Therefore rather than placing too much reliance on international aid, poor countries should try to boost their domestic and international trades to create jobs and improve their economies.

To conclude, rather than leaving the poor countries to their fate, rich countries should come forward to solve the problems plaguing them. People need to realize that irrespective of their skin colour or nationality, they all belong to one species and as such it is their duty to give help where it is required. This is not possible without changing our attitude towards other countries and people.

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