Band 9 essay sample | Printed books and magazines have lost their importance



It is true that technological innovations like computers and the internet have made books and newspapers less important. When people can find all information online, they have hardly any incentive to buy books or magazines. This, however, does not mean that books have lost all of their relevance. In my opinion, books are still relevant to a certain extent.

Billions of people living in many parts of the world still do not have access to the internet. They need magazines and newspapers to know what is happening around the world. Books are easy on the eye. Computers can lead to several visual problems. Young children, in particular, should not be allowed to stare at a computer for hours on end.

There is no denying the fact that internet has made information readily available at our fingertips. Gone are the days when students had to frequent libraries to find information for their research projects. In addition, most of the information available online is free and can be accessed by anyone who owns a computer and an internet connection.

Books and magazines, on the other hand, are not free. They are not exactly environment friendly either. Paper is made from wood and to make paper, you have to cut trees. Also books have a short shelf life. Although they can last decades, they are not indestructible. By contrast, information posted online will be there for all eternity. Also portable mobile devices like tablets and laptops eliminate the need to go about classrooms luging heavy books.

It is not hard to see that information technology has made books and newspapers less important. This, however, does not mean that they have become totally irrelevant. A lot of people begin their day reading their favourite newspaper. To conclude, books and magazines may have lost some of their relevance, but it is impossible to claim that technology has made them redundant.

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