Band 9 essay sample | People are not feeling safe at home or in public places


Some people feel unsafe when they are at home and in public. What are some possible causes of this and what are some possible solutions?

Band 9 essay sample

Nowadays a lot of people feel that they are always in danger irrespective of their physical location. They don’t feel safe at home or in public places. This essay will explore the various reasons behind this troubling phenomenon and suggest measures to tackle it.

There are several factors that make people feel insecure. Firstly, both visual and print media give excessive coverage to violent crimes and encourage people to worry about their safety. News channels report sensational crimes to increase their viewership and ratings. It is quite natural for someone who is constantly exposed to violent images of terror in public spaces to be concerned about their own safety.

Secondly, due to global warming and other climate changes natural disasters now occur more and more frequently making people feel unsafe even at home. Clearly, people across the globe are experiencing extreme weather conditions such as flooding and droughts more often. Since we cannot protect ourselves from most natural disasters by staying indoors, the fear of dangerous weather conditions keeps growing among people.

In order to tackle this problem, the governments, media and people should work together. The governments can deploy more police forces on streets to deter criminals from committing crime. Individuals who are worried about their safety should try not to expose themselves to too much violent content on the TV or the internet. By carefully choosing what to watch on TV they can reduce their exposure to violent crimes and at the same time increase their feeling of safety. In addition, planning for natural disasters by taking appropriate safety measures and precautions can help allay the concerns of the public.

In conclusion, I suggest that governments and individuals tackle the feelings of insecurity among the public by working together to reduce crime rates and preparing for unexpected natural events.

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