Band 9 essay sample | Merits and demerits of researching one’s family history

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In many parts of the world people do research in family history. Some people believe research on previous generation to be useful while others say that it is better to focus on present and future generation.

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People all over the world like to know about their ancestors and family history. Some people feel that it makes great sense to research one’s family background. Others, however, oppose this view. In their opinion, we should concentrate more on the present and future generations. In my opinion, it depends upon the individual. If one really wants to know about one’s ancestors, I see no harm in researching one’s family history.

There are several benefits to researching one’s family background. Many diseases, for example, are hereditary. Someone who studies their family history will be able to identify the diseases that run in their family. This information will help them stay better equipped to deal with such diseases. Studying one’s family history is also a great way to discover the culture and traditions of one’s family. This research may help people stay rooted in their culture. What’s more, people feel proud when they discover that their family had a glorious history.

On the flip side, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a glorious family history. Some people therefore feel that researching one’s family history may reveal embarrassing or disturbing information about one’s ancestors. In their opinion, our present is far more important than our past. So, they opine that instead of wasting time on family research, we should focus on the present and future. After all, the past is past and there is nothing we can do about it. Therefore, it makes greater sense to focus on our future.

To conclude, everyone has the right to learn about their forefathers. This, however, does not mean that everyone should research their family. People who are interested in discovering more about their families should be able to do it and others should just focus on the future.

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