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Age brings wisdom. That probably explains why old people are revered in many countries especially those in the east. In the west, on the other hand, the youth get more importance and attention.

Youth is the time when you can accomplish many things. The young are full of energy. They are independent. Their energy and zest for life allow them to accomplish many things. In the west, there is too much emphasis on individual growth and material gains. That probably explains why youngsters get more opportunities and respect there.

By contrast, eastern countries put a great deal of emphasis on spiritual growth. Old people have seen more life and hence they know better. They are much less impulsive than their younger counterparts. This enables them to make better judgements. In eastern countries, children and youngsters look up to their parents and grandparents for advice and guidance in important matters. For example, in Indian families important decisions are always taken by parents or grandparents. Children listen to them. It is not considered appropriate to defy one’s parents and few youngsters do it.

In western countries senior parents have no real say in their grown-up children’s lives. There senior adults often spend their twilight years in care homes away from their children and grandchildren. I am certainly against that arrangement. Many old people can’t work or run a household in the strict sense of the term. However, they can still offer guidance. They can act as the voice of reason when problems arise in the family. The youth should be given the importance they deserve but this does not mean that seniors should be neglected.

To conclude, both the young and the old are valuable members of the society. It is true that old people are less productive than young people but it does not mean that they are useless. They are wiser and their sane voice can solve many conflicts in the family and the society.

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