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Some People think that the government is wasting money on the arts and that this money could be better spent elsewhere. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Band 9 essay sample

Governments all over the world are grappling with problems like rising unemployment and growing threats of terrorism. Poverty is still a major issue in many countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa. In such a scenario, the argument that the government should stop wasting money on arts might sound logical. However, in my opinion, arts do have a place in the society. While I don’t think that the government should waste a lot of money on arts, it should at least adopt a benevolent attitude towards arts and artists.

Contrary to popular belief, arts are not a waste of time. In fact, they are also an industry with great potential to generate money. Performance arts, for instance, enjoy considerable following. A music concert or a dance show featuring an accomplished singer or dancer can create a lot of jobs. Arts can also help sell a country as a tourist destination. For example, the Indian government actively uses traditional arts forms to promote tourism in the country. India’s classical dance forms like Bharatanatyam and Kathakali have enthralled audience all over of the world and attract thousands of international tourists to the nation. The influx of tourists creates jobs and helps the local economy.

Paintings and sculptures also have huge commercial value. Millions of people visit museums in Spain, Italy and Holland to admire the works of masters like Vincent Van Gog, Picasso and Salvador Daly. While these artists are no longer around, their timeless works are still earning a lot of money for their countries. Nations that promote their ethic arts and crafts also tend to enjoy good reputation overseas.

To conclude, while it is true that spending money on imparting education and building infrastructure is more important than promoting arts, in my opinion, the government should still do whatever it can to promote and sustain arts. Art forms, especially those that have a huge following, benefit the national economy in many ways.

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  1. Shagun says:

    Some individuals believe that the government is wasting its funds on the arts and it should be used for other beneficial things instead. This essay agrees that the government should spend money on other important areas such as education and the infrastructure of the country.

    Government should spend its budget on education because it will boost the economy of the country. The more the number of people will enter colleges or universities, the more skilled force a country will have. These skilled resources will help in the development of the country by doing innovations. For example, western countries such as America and Canada, have the highest number of skilled workers. Due to this, these nations are economically strong.

    Furthermore, the government should spend its money on improving the infrastructure of the country so that citizens can have a good standard of living. Government should spend money on improving the roads, healthcare system, and transportation. These are the basic requirement for a every citizen for a good standard of living. For example, many undeveloped countries such as South Africa and Nigeria have a very poor healthcare system and many citizens die in their nation due to lack of health facilities. It is better for such countries if the government prioritize their funds on good medical services.

    In conclusion, I believe the government should spend their funds on more crucial things like education and infrastructure of the country because this will boost the economy of the country and citizen will be able to enjoy a good quality life.

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