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Most societies have their homeless people. Some people think that the best way to help them is to give them money. To what extent do you agree?

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In this twenty-first century, it is surprising that many people still have no homes. Some people argue that the governments should help the homeless by giving them money. I do not agree with this argument. In my opinion, giving cash to homeless people will only worsen the situation.

Homelessness in most cases is a result of laziness. When the government rewards it with monetary help, the homeless people will have no motivation to earn money to enjoy home ownership. Instead, they will want to continue to enjoy government benefits. Worse, people who are already struggling to make a living will start assuming that being homeless is the easiest way to gain help from the government. So instead of doing anything to improve their living standards, they too will start queuing up for benefits.

Being homeless is a miserable state. Also it does not reflect well on a society when people sleep on the streets. So, in order to help the poor people, the government should put them in a community shelter for a limited period and also get them involved in some work. To improve their employability, the government should give them vocational training. And once they have acquired the necessary skills they should be encouraged to find a job and a home on their own. If the government continues to give them financial assistance, they will not do anything to improve their living standards.

To conclude, instead of giving financial benefits and free accommodation to homeless people, the government should provide them with training that will help them to find a job and earn money. And when they have money, they can buy a home on their own.

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