Band 9 essay sample | Eliminating poverty is the best way to reduce crime rates

In order to reduce crime, some argue that attacking its cause like poverty is the best solution, while others believe that putting more people in prisons and having more policemen are more convenient way in tackling crime. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

Band 9 essay sample

Reducing the crime rate is crucial to ensuring the safety and security of people living in a particular society. While some people are in favour of building more prisons and increasing the number of policemen, others feel that achieving economic welfare is the key to tackling crime. In my opinion, all of these measures are required to fight crime effectively.

There are several benefits to increasing the number of policemen patrolling the streets. They will act as a deterrent and force offenders to think twice before engaging in robbery or shoplifting. They will also increase the sense of safety among law-abiding citizens. It is equally important to punish those engaging in criminal activities. They are a threat to the life and property of people and hence they should be kept in confinement. The hardships that they face in the prison and the subsequent social alienation may reform at least some of them.

Perhaps a better solution to reduce the crime rates is to ensure financial security for everyone. Studies have shown that most criminals have poor financial backgrounds. In most cases, it is their poverty that compels them to commit criminal deeds. If the government can create more jobs and provide economic security for all the people, the crime rates will automatically drop. Of course, this will require the government to invest more in education and vocational training. Educated and trained people will be able to create jobs themselves. They are also less likely to get into crime.

To conclude, tackling crime is a tough task and the government has to employ all possible means to achieve this. This will involve deploying more policemen on the streets, putting criminals behind the bars and ensuring economic security for all the people.

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