Band 9 Essay Sample | Educating Criminals in Prison Will Reduce Crime Rate

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Studies show that many criminals do not receive enough education. For this reason, people believe that the best ways to reduce crime is to educate them so they can find a job after being released. Do you agree or disagree?

Band 9 essay sample

Lack of education and employment opportunities are the main causes of the rising crime rate. Some people, therefore, feel that by simply educating prisoners, we can discourage them from committing crimes again after they get released from prison. I totally agree with this view.

Almost nobody is born a criminal. Most criminals are victims of circumstances. In fact most of them come from the poor strata of the society and lack education. As a result they don’t have many employment opportunities. Many of them eventually become thieves or gangsters. By contrast, criminal tendencies are comparatively low among educated people.

Educating convicted criminals in prison will certainly not erase their shoddy past. However, it improves their chances of finding employment once they get released. One of the biggest problems that ex-prisoners face is the lack of rehabilitation opportunities. The society prefers to keep them at an arm’s length and as such they have fewer opportunities for making a living once they complete their sentence. Unfortunately, this increases their chances of getting into crime again.

Education may change the situation for good. If prisoners receive an opportunity to learn and acquire vocational or academic degrees from prison, they are more likely to find employment upon their release. When they have a secure job and a means of living, most people will not want to get into crime again.

To conclude, education improves a person’s employability. Just because someone is a prisoner, it does not mean that they cannot learn or acquire degrees. In fact, educating prisoners is one of the best things we can do for their rehabilitation and successful induction into the society.


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