Band 9 Essay Sample | Children Do Not Respect Parents

Children do not respect their parents as much as they did in the past. This behaviour is now having a negative impact on society.

Here is a band 9 essay sample.

Band 9 essay sample

The relationship between parents and children has undergone a drastic transformation over the last few decades. Parents are no longer the sole authority in a family. This change has certainly affected the way children interact with their parents. In fact, many of them have become disrespectful. Since they repeat the same behaviour outside of their home, it is having a negative effect on the society as well. There are several reasons behind this disturbing trend.

Today’s children receive much better education than what their parents received. They have also become smarter and more intelligent thanks to the accessibility of new age technologies. For example, I know many young children who can use their parents’ smart phones much better than them. They can drive vehicles faster. This creates a false sense of superiority and they often look down upon their parents and treat them with disrespect. This was not exactly the case thirty or forty years ago when the skill gap between parents and children were negligible.

Another factor that contributed to the growth of disrespectful children is the rise of the nuclear family. Most families now consist of just the parents and one or two kids. These families certainly revolve around these children and it is not uncommon for parents to cater to every whim and fancy of their kids. This makes children more demanding.

In my opinion, if children have become disrespectful, it is a problem with their upbringing. Parents who satisfy every need of their children are not doing them a service. Rather they are spoiling them. Parents are required to not only provide their children with food and clothing but also instill values in them. Today’s children may possess higher technical skills and more academic qualifications than their parents. This, however, does not mean that they are wiser.

To conclude, there is no denying the fact that children are becoming more disrespectful and this is having a negative impact on the society. However, in my opinion, this is actually a reflection of the poor parenting skills of their parents and the rise of the nuclear family.

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