Band 9 essay sample | Children are consuming too many sugary drinks

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Nowadays children are consuming too many sugar-based drinks. What are the reasons and the solutions for this situation?

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Sugar-based drinks give an instant energy boost. They are also tasty. These are the main reasons that made sugary drinks popular among children and youngsters. Unfortunately, these drinks are not healthy and pose a major threat to the health of young people.

Sugary drinks are becoming more and more popular because they are readily available. Even in villages, there are shops that sell these instant energy boosters. These drinks are also heavily marketed. Manufacturers rope in national and international celebrities and sports personalities to endorse these products on television and in newspapers. If a famous sportsperson says that a certain drink is the secret of his health, his young fans are bound to believe it. Consequently, they start using the drink themselves. Another reason behind the popularity of these drinks is that they are addictive. They contain ingredients that make children addicted to them. The same ingredients also elevate energy levels and enhance mood.

Excessive consumption of sugary drinks can have long term health consequences. These drinks are high in calories, but they don’t offer any nutrition. Regular consumption of sugar-based drinks can result in obesity and diabetes. Actually, we are already seeing a dramatic increase in the number of children suffering from these health problems.

These are several ways to deal with this situation. Creating awareness among children about the negative effects of sugary drinks may or may not have the desired results because few children are actually worried about health. A better strategy is to limit their availability or make them unaffordable by increasing taxes on them. The government also needs to ensure that commercials of such drinks are not aired during prime time when children are likely to be in front of the TV. Parental control is important too. Parents should resist the temptation to buy high calorie drinks for their children.

To conclude, a lot of factors have contributed to the popularity of sugary drinks. Limiting their availability or making them less appealing or affordable may help to counter this problem.

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