Band 9 Essay Sample | Are Interviews The Best Method Of Choosing Employees?

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Most employers do job interviews before offering a position to a person. Do you think this is the best way to do it, or are there better alternatives? What is the best method of choosing employees in your opinion?

Band 9 essay sample

It is a common practice all over the world for employers to interview potential candidates. While I don’t think that this is the best way to assess the job worthiness of a particular candidate, I cannot suggest any better alternatives. In my opinion, combining the interview with mock practical tests and written examinations is the best way of finding suitable candidates.

Interviews certainly are useful in many ways. The fact that they are used all over the world is a clear sign that a lot of employers find them useful. During an interview, the employer can assess the personality of a candidate to a great extent. Also there are various techniques that the interviewers can use to find out how a particular person will behave in various situations. Interviews are particularly helpful for selecting employees whose jobs require them to interact a lot with potential clients and customers. For example, people working in sales, marketing, PR or HR need good people skills that can be measured during an interview.

Perhaps the biggest downside of interviews is that the candidates can come prepared and turn the interview to their advantage. It is possible to give learned answers to questions asked during an interview. In addition, it is foolish to believe that all candidates will demonstrate their true nature or work ethics during an interview.

Another disadvantage of interviews is that by interviewing someone, an employer can only assess their personality and general knowledge. An interview, for example, is not a good way of measuring a person’s technical skills. By simply interviewing someone who has a degree in engineering, an employer cannot find out whether they have the skills required to deliver a good performance at the workplace. In such situations putting the candidate through tasks they would have to typically do before offering them a job is a better solution.

To conclude, while it is true that an interview is not the best method of choosing a candidate, there aren’t many better alternatives. In my opinion, employers should combine the interview with written tests and mock practical tests to find the most suitable employees.


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