Band 9 essay sample about international marketing

The following essay topic was seen in a recent IELTS exam.
Some people think that global marketing is useful and an economic way to learn different languages and cultures and spread ideas. While, others support the opinion that it is intrusive and invade countries.
Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Here is a sample response

Some people believe that international marketing is quite invasive and upset the sentiments of the local community. Others, however, feel that such campaigns give people an opportunity to learn more about other cultures, their customs and languages. In my opinion, international marketing has both positive and negative aspects.

In some countries religion plays an important role in the society. Some campaigns particularly those that hurt religious sentiments are not welcome there. In the same way, some societies are highly conservative and may object to the introduction of western clothing trends into their country. They detest international propaganda.

International marketing campaigns are often designed and executed by businesses in the United States or Europe. They often introduce festivals like Halloween or symbols like Santa Claus in regions that have not even heard about them. For example, the vast majority of Indians or Arabians have not even heard of Halloween. Still, there are brands that try to hard sell this event in these markets. They often organize Halloween themed celebrations in such markets. One can argue that these campaigns give people an opportunity to learn more about foreign events and customs. However, in reality few people actually care about them.

On the flip side, international campaigns have a beneficial and useful side too. They help people learn foreign languages. For example, people all over the world watch events like World Cup Football and Olympics on their television. The commentaries and commercials are usually in English. People watching these events often learn English without even trying to do so. International marketing has also given people an opportunity to become familiar with exotic cuisines. Such campaigns introduced burgers and hot dogs in non-American countries. Such campaigns also helped promote exotic cuisines in Europe and America. Food markets all over the world are now filled up with exotic fruits and vegetables and spices. In all towns and cities one can find restaurants offering a variety of cuisines.

To conclude, international marketing campaigns can be quite invasive and intrusive. However, they also benefit communities in many ways. In my opinion, whether we like them or not we will continue to see these campaigns in the future too.

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