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Even though organic fruits and vegetables are more expensive than conventional fruits and vegetables, they are worth the extra cost. Do you agree or disagree.

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Organic fruits and vegetables are becoming more and more popular because they are healthier. Organic crops are grown without the application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. As a result they taste better and contain more nutrients. Therefore, I agree with the argument that organic foods their higher price tags.

To start with, the cultivation of organic crops requires more time and effort. Since this kind of farming does not permit the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, organic crops have increased risk of getting damaged by pests and weeds. By contrast, conventional farmers use chemical fertilizers and pesticides abundantly. As a result, they get much better yields and can sell their products at a low price. Since it is not easy to grow organic fruits and vegetables on a commercial basis, they are more expensive than regular crops. However, their quality justifies their higher price.

Organic products are safe and healthy. Dangerous levels of pesticides are found in crops grown using the traditional method. People who consume such foods on a prolonged basis have increased risk of developing health problems like cancer. It is true that pesticides increased yield but they also led to a variety of diseases. As a result there is now growing awareness against the use of pesticides. Prevention is better than cure. By switching to organic foods people can reduce their risk for cancer and other diseases to a great extent. In other words, by spending a little bit more today, people can save much more on their hospital bills in the future. What’s more, if more people start using organic foods, then more farmers will adopt this method of cultivation and prices will eventually come down.

To conclude, the nutritional value and health benefits of organic foods completely justify their increased price. I hope the government will support organic crops and facilitate their commercial cultivation.

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