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The given graph shows the number of employed people in a certain European country. It is evident that male employees outnumber female employees in almost all age groups. The only exception to this trend are employees aged between 15 and 19. While about 280k girls belonging to this age group are employed, the corresponding figure for boys is 270k. The difference between the number of male and female employees increases with age. The number of female employees drops as their age increases. For example, in the 20-24 age group there is not much difference between the number of male and female employees. However, the difference becomes more pronounced in the 25-29 age group. While about 500k men belonging to this age group are employed, only about 420k women are employed within this category. This gap becomes wider among employees in the 30-34 age group.

The number of female employees increases slightly after this age. The most number of employees are in the 40-44 age group. There is a noticeable drop in the number of people (both men and women) working after age 45. This drop becomes more significant as people age. While it is clear that aging affects the employability of people, a small number of men and women aged 75 and above also work.

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