Band 8 letter sample: Complaint letter

This letter was written by one of our students.

IELTS Letter topic

You bought an air conditioner from a store. Unfortunately it broke down within a few days. You contacted the support department, but they were not helpful. Write a letter to the manager of the company expressing your dissatisfaction with their customer service.

Sample IELTS  letter

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing to express my utter disappointment with your staff’s behavior towards your customers.

My name is XYZ and I am an engineer at Microsoft. Last week, I bought an air conditioner from one of your stores. Unfortunately, it broke down on the same day I purchased it. As a result, I decided to contact your maintenance department. Despite numerous reminders, your staff hasn’t sent their technicians to check my air conditioner yet. In addition to being forgetful, your employees are very rude to the customers. This is not what I would expect from a professional company like yours.

Therefore, I urge you to take appropriate action against your staff. Also, I would like to request you to kindly resolve the matter of my air conditioner as soon as possible because the summer time is approaching.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Yours sincerely,


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