Band 8 letter sample: A letter to the brother

You have a large extended family, and every year you all get together to go on a big family trip for a week. Your brother is in charge of the plans this year, and you would like to suggest a place you’ve visited before.

In about 150-200 words, write a letter to your brother. Your letter should do the following things:

  • Name the destination you have in mind.
  • Briefly describe your previous experience in this place.
  • Talk about some of this place’s features.

Sample letter

Dear Bro,

Thank you so much for your last letter. We are doing fine here. Actually, the kids are super excited about the upcoming holiday.

I agree with your decision to change the plan this year as we had been visiting the same place for the last four years. I would like to suggest that this year we visit Amritsar and Chandigarh.

Amritsar is well known for the famous Golden Temple. Thousands of tourists visit the Golden Temple each year. I went to Golden Temple last year when I was on a business trip to Delhi. After Golden Temple I also went to Chandigarh where there are many places that can be visited with the family. Some popular attractions include the Rock Garden and the Sukhna Lake. There are also plenty of shopping malls in this city.

Sukhna lake offers ample opportunities for adventurous activities. Actually, I tried bungee jumping for the first time in this lake. I also went boating.

I am sure that all of us will enjoy it if we visit these cities during our trip. Let me know your thoughts.

See you soon.


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