Band 8 Letter Sample | A Letter To Manager About A Piece of Equipment

The following is a letter submitted by one of our students.

You have been to a business meeting at another company and saw a piece of equipment which can be useful for your company too. Write a letter to your manager about the following:

Describe the piece of equipment you have seen

Why having the same equipment would be useful for your company

Offer your assistance in buying the equipment

Band 8 letter sample

Dear Sir

I am writing to recommend the use of pencil microphones at our company meetings. Last week I attended a business meeting at the Infosys campus in Bangalore. That is when I saw this useful equipment.

This microphone has a small stand to keep it in upright position on the table. It is as thin as a pencil and has a lever to adjust its height. The advantage of using this equipment is that it allows delegates to be heard without having to shout. What’s more, it also has a remote connection to the display where the name of the speaker is displayed as one speaks. Since we also have meetings with a large number of attendees, this instrument will be extremely useful to us.

I checked that such microphones are available online on at a reasonable price. If you wish, I can send the website links for your perusal.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,


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