Band 8 letter sample | A letter to a neighbour

The following is a letter submitted by one of our students.

You have a problem with a neighbour. Write a letter to your neighbour. In your letter

  • Describe the problem
  • Say how long it has been a problem
  • Explain what action you want the neighbour to take

Band 8 letter sample

Dear Mr and Ms Ali

I am writing to you to inform you that I have been struggling to study and to fell asleep because of the barking of your dog the whole night. The dog begins barking just after the sunset and continue through the night until the dawn breaks. The bark is very loud and severe that I cannot study or sleep.

This has been the case since I moved in three months ago. I always wanted to tell you about it but hoped that you would take action to deal with the problem. Unfortunately, it has been so long time since I have begun suffering from the bark of your dog.

I would suggest that you keep the dog inside a room at night so we can have a normal sleep patterns and be able to study. I am sorry for suggesting this but I have no other option left.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely


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