You Were Hurt In A Minor Accident In A Super Market | IELTS Letter Samples

You were hurt in a minor accident inside a supermarket, and you wish to complain to the supermarket
Write a letter to the manager of the supermarket. In your letter:

– Say who you are
– Give details about the accident
– Suggest how the supermarket could prevent similar accidents

Sample letter

Dear Sir or Madam

I am writing to report a minor accident which left me with a few bruises yesterday at the Central Supermarket. Let me introduce myself. I am Adrian Yap, a regular shopper.

About 1 pm yesterday, I was doing my groceries shopping at Central Supermarket. As I was strolling along the aisle in the Frozen Foods section, I accidentally slipped and fell. I discovered that two of the refrigerators at the middle section were leaking badly. To prevent other shoppers from hurting themselves, I immediately requested one of your staffs to place a caution sign at the area.

I do understand that things like this happen, but I would expect staffs to be more alert and proactive. To prevent unforeseen injuries to shoppers, staffs should be the first to detect any unforeseen dangers, and act right away. Besides that, more frequent maintenance should be carried out. In regards to the leaking refrigerators, I suggest that you get them replaced.

I look forward to seeing this fixed when I visit Central Supermarket next week. Please do not take the safety of shoppers for granted. Thank you.


Adrian Yap

IELTS letter sample 2

Dear Sir or Madam

I am writing to report an accident I had at your supermarket near St. Leonard’s station. My name is Rachel Green and I am a resident of Greenwich Park Area.

Last Friday, I visited your supermarket to some buy groceries. While I was turning to the next isle near the fish counter I saw a child going to fall on the slippery floor. While I was able to save the child from falling, my cart flipped and I suffered a minor injury. The fish counter offers fresh fish preserved on crushed ice to customers. Oftentimes, buyers carelessly clean fish on the counter and this causes pieces of ice to fall onto the floor making it very slippery.

To remedy this, I recommend installing a cleaning sink closer to the counter. If you could, please appoint a person to properly clean the fish. I also recommend placing a notice warning people against running through the isle. This would avoid such accidents.

I request you to take preventive measures on a priority basis to avoid any further such incidents.

Yours Sincerely,

Rachel Green

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