Band 8 IELTS report about Australian weather forecasting


The following is a report submitted by one of our students.

The given diagram explains the weather forecast system and processes established by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. The diagram clearly shows the processes involved in the collection of information from various sources and its distribution to the public.

Various technology and advanced equipment like satellites, radars, computers and televisions are used in the process. The Process starts with the collection of information by the satellite which transmits it in pictorial form to the connected computers. The information thus gathered is analyzed with the help of computers and weather forecasts are made.

Various equipment are used for broadcasting, such as TV for audiovisual broadcasting, radio for mass broadcasting and recorded announcement for personal broadcasting. Sometimes information from the satellite is also sent to radar systems for the benefit of people who use it for navigation. Drifting buoys are also used to collect information in the form of synoptic charts. Sometimes information collected from the satellites and radar systems are also used to produce synoptic charts.

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