Band 8 IELTS Letter Sample | Write A Complaint Letter About A Laptop You Bought

Here is a band 8 IELTS letter sample submitted by one of our students. Send us your writing samples for a free band score estimate or get a detailed analysis of your writing for a fee.

You have bought a new laptop computer and in a few days of purchase discovered a major flaw. Write a letter to the company. In your letter:

– introduce yourself
– explain the situation
– say what action you would like to company to take.

Band 8 IELTS letter sample

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with a laptop computer I bought from your store four days ago. As soon as I turned on the computer, I realized that Windows operating system was not installed on it, although the specifications said it was included. In addition, I chose a gray laptop and the one I received is black. Moreover, the default language of the laptop is Arabic and I haven’t been able to change it to my native language, which is English. To make matters worse, the memory specifications of this laptop are not the same as the ones that I read in your catalog.

I definitely need this situation to be solved as soon as possible. I chose to buy from your store, because of good recommendations some friends of mine gave me about your store. However, after this experience, I feel deceived.

I would like you to send me the laptop I first chose at your store, including all the specifications that were shown in the offer. I expect a quick response to my support request or a full refund.

Thanks in advance for your support.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,


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