Band 8 IELTS Letter Sample | A Relative Is Visiting You But You Won’t Be There To Receive Them

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A family member is coming to stay with you. He/she will be arriving by train in the morning, but you won’t be home until the evening.

Write a letter to your relative. In your letter:

– explain the arrangements you have made for them to get keys and enter the house

– tell your relative how to get from the train station to your house

– say when you will be home and suggest what you could do together that evening

Band 8 IELTS letter sample

Dear Uncle John,

I was so excited to hear that you would be visiting us for the summer vacation. I know your train arrives in the morning, but unfortunately I won’t be able to pick you up from the railway station because I have some other commitments. As you know, I have started giving tuition to some college students in the city and I have classes in the morning.

Anyway, I will be home before dark. Do not worry about finding my home or getting the keys. I will make the necessary arrangements. The easiest way to reach our home is to hire a taxi from the railway station. Be sure to take a taxi with a meter as other taxies might overcharge you. Get off near the post office. Our home is to the right of it. It is only a 20 minutes journey. Once you reach home, simply look for the key in the flower pot placed near the front door.

I will be home by 5pm. We can go for a movie in the evening and after that we can have dinner at a Chinese restaurant. I know you love the Chinese cuisine.

See you soon.

Warm regards



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