Violence In Media Promotes Violence Among People

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Some people argue that violent movies and television programs promote violence among people. I agree with this view to a great extent. In my opinion, young children are more prone to getting influenced by violent media content.

Many movies and television programs glorify violence. Often times, the hero is someone who had been wronged in the past. To avenge what had happened to him or his dear ones, he begins to unleash violence. This is the central theme of many movies. Because the hero has an innocent or even helpless past, the audience sympathizes with him. Unfortunately, this narrative sends home the wrong message that it is perfectly all right to take law into your hand. Even cartoons promote violence these days.

Constant exposure to violent media content influences the audience. Young children are the worst affected. They assume that violence is a normal part of life. This makes them insensitive to the suffering of others. It is not uncommon for children who watch a lot of violent content on television to inflict harm on animals or other children less powerful than them. When they grow up, they become hardened criminals. Violent media content also gives the audience an idea about how to plan a crime. These movies and shows give an accurate portrayal of the various steps involved in the execution of the crime. This makes it easier for potential criminals. Many murderers have already confessed to being inspired by movies.

In short, media influences people, especially young children. In general, the society assumes that what is shown in movies and television programs is normal. So, when media promotes violence, it is easy for people to become influenced.

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