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The number of older people is increasing. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?

Band 8 IELTS Letter Sample

The ageing population is a problem that many countries now face. While it is true that seniors contribute to the society in many ways, in my opinion, having a large population of older people has more disadvantages than advantages.

Seniors can certainly contribute to the society in some ways. They, undoubtedly, have accumulated more knowledge over the years compared to their younger counterparts. They are possibly the best persons to get advice from as they have encountered almost every situation that one is expected to encounter in their lives. They also have in-depth knowledge on different life or career experiences. Thus, the younger generation can easily entrust them with taking care of their children. This is usually the area wherein youngsters lack valuable knowledge and expertise.

Yet, I believe that there are more disadvantages than advantages to having a large population of seniors. Older people are the most unproductive lot in the workforce of a nation. Most of them are dependent on their children because they are unable to work and retire as a result. Besides, at a certain age, they are more susceptible to developing numerous diseases and illnesses. Therefore, medical care is an utmost requirement and it comes with a hefty price. Nursing homes are not cheap either and caring for elderly sick people is never an easy feat. In other words, they are deemed as a financial burden on their children. Even those who choose to continue working are unwilling or unable to pick up new skills and knowledge to keep up with the technology.

To sum up, the drawbacks of having a large ageing population definitely outweigh the benefits. Economically, the ageing population does not add much value to the society.

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