Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample | Suggest A Guest Speaker For An Event

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Your local bookshop has invited members of the public to recommend a guest speaker for an upcoming event that will include a series of talks from well-known people. Write an e-mail to the bookshop. In your email:

  • Suggest a speaker
  • Say what they would contribute to the event
  • Explain why other people would be interested too

Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am glad that you have given us readers an opportunity to suggest a guest speaker for the upcoming event to celebrate the first anniversary of your bookshop. I would suggest that you should invite the famous author Amish Tripathi, who has made a lasting impression on young minds through his new fiction series Shiva Trilogy.

As everybody knows, Amish Tripathi is a graduate from IIT Delhi and has worked in corporate firms. However, he decided to quit his job to follow his passion of becoming a writer. Through his speech, he can encourage youth to consider their interests while choosing a career rather than just getting influenced by what other people are opting for. His journey to becoming a successful writer has a very strong message for the younger generation.

Amish excels in writing novels with out of the box ideas, which youngsters these days love to read. Owing to this, he has a huge fan following. Many people will look forward to attending the event if he is the guest speaker.

I hope you will consider my suggestion.

Yours faithfully,


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